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Our goal is to provide relief promptly and keep families housed.

ERAP allows tenants to receive rent assistance if they meet the eligibility guidelines set forth by the Department of Treasury. This is a very straightforward program but requires documentation to verify your eligibility. Once approved, Smith County will send payments directly to the landlord.

Landlords can apply on behalf of their tenants or tenants can apply themselves.

If eligible, this assistance can pay rent owed as far back as March 13, 2020. It can also pay 1 month of future rent if the tenant is determined to still be financially unstable due to COVID-19 impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please have these documents available to quickly process your application:

  • Copy of your lease
  • Eviction hearing docket number and date (if asking for Rent Assistance)
  • Landlord agreement (details about what is owed and where check should be sent)
  • Tenant application for assistance
  • Income statements for all household members for the last 60 days (pay stubs, benefits statements, etc…)
  • Documentation of COVID-19 impact OR proof that one or more household members qualified for unemployment benefits

If you qualify for assistance but do not live in Smith County, you can try to get help from:

  • W-9
  • Completed Landlord Agreement
  • Copy of Late Rent Notice or Eviction Notice
  • Copy of Lease

No, this program is only for rent. For mortgage help, click here

No, but the tenant on the lease with the landlord/property owner can apply for relief.

You can claim income but must sign an attestation form confirming the cash amount.

Nathaniel Moran, Smith County Judge

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program will, no doubt, help those locally where a core need exists—the need for affordable housing and a safe place to make a home for children and families. Both tenants and landlords have faced especially difficult times this past year because of the pandemic, and I am hopeful that this program will restore landlords and tenants back to square one, so they concentrate on the many other important areas of their lives and livelihoods.

Andrea Wilson, PATH Executive Director

PATH is honored to be chosen as the steward for this life-saving resource in our community. We see the effects of housing instability and homelessness everyday so we know that this program will provide much-needed relief from that stress and anxiety to hundreds of local families. PATH is looking forward to seeing how this program heals some of the pain caused by this pandemic.

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